VGR V-022 Men’s Self-Service Electric Hair Clipper, Cordless

849 inc. GST

  • Professional Barber Blade – The hanging head is made of titanium steel , sharp and efficient in cutting. Easy haircut without hair jam, R-shaped round blade, gentle contact with the skin to avoid accidental damage to the surface of the skin, it is suitable for oil head, trimming and carving hair shape.
  • USB Fast Charge – Environmentally friendly 1000mah Large capacity dual lithium battery, 8 hours charge for 50 min cordless use. USB Type-C charging port, you can connect USB adapter, laptop, car charger, power bank and other USB powered devices, perfect for travel.
  • Stainless Steel T-Blade – T-shaped Stainless Steel cutter head, stay sharp for comfortable trimming. Zero distance oil head design. T type 0 cutter head ultra short pitch. Does not hurt the scalp. Equipped with 3 kinds of guide combs of different length, suitable for trimming each hair type. Trim or transition without potholes. S-shaped obtuse angle 360 n-friendly is not easy to scratch the skin.
  • Power and Gift – Powerful Rotary motor for increased speed, power and life, Low noise and high speed for smooth and efficient haircut experience. No matter hard or thick hair types, it behaves very easily. Hair Clippers rotary shaver not only used to remove beard, nose ear hair, facial skin, but also for hands, underarms, legs and body hair trimmer. This electric razor shaver suitable for men and women, old people and children.
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Hair clipping just got a whole lot easier Our hair clippers are professionally designed to make hair cutting easier and more fun. Our haircut kits meet all your needs for comfortable, effortless and confident hair cutting at home. Even without going to the barber shop, you can use our products to repair various hairstyles.

Three limit combs – We are equipped with multiple fixed-length combs of 0-2mm, you can control the length of your hair, trim a variety of hairstyles, even though the novice can easily operate. Both adults and children can use it.

Three Length Adjustments – This Hair Clipper comes with 3 length adjustments, which can cut hair from 0mm to 2mm.

Cordless and Cored Operation – You can choose to use the plug-and-play method with a power cord, or you can choose to use it without a power cord after being fully charged. The hair clipper flashes blue when charging, and the light turns green to indicate that it is fully charged.

Low Noise, Low Vibration – The hair clipper brings you a quiet and comfortable hair cutting experience, which cuts very clean with no pulling of the hair. They will be gentle on the skin so you can enjoy complete comfort whilst you ideal your style. Ideal for precision trimming, pushing, carving.


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